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About CSAJ

The Computer Software Association of Japan (CSAJ) is a general incorporated association organization which has about 450 Software developers, publishers, system integrators, distributors, dealers and its related support service providers. The main activities are committees, exhibitions, market surveys, and collaboration with overseas associations.

Number of Membership (2016/04/26)
Regular membership 391
Supporting membership 35
Special Supporting membership 2
Administrative membership 3
Examination venue membership 9
Associate membership 28
Total 468

Number of employees at regular member



Akasaka Grace Building 4th Floor, Akasaka 1-3-6, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052, Japan
 Front desk: 4th Floor
 Meeting room: 3rd Floor

Tel +81-(0)3-3560-8440
Fax +81-(0)3-3560-8441
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【Tameike-Sannō Station】  Tokyo Metro Ginza line/ Namboku line, Exit 9 or 8
【Toranomon Station】  Tokyo Metro Ginza line, Exit 3
【Kokkai-gijidō-mae Station】  Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line/Marunochi line, Exit 7