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Norio Ogiwara

Norio Ogiwara
Chairman, Mamezou Holdings, Co., Ltd.

[Brief Background]
Born in 1958, Mr. Ogiwara graduated from Chuo University, Faculty of Commerce, Department of Accounting.
Following careers at an audit firm and a foreign accounting firm, he established Ogihara Certified Public Accountant Tax Accountant Office in 1996. In 2000, he was appointed to the Board of Mamezou Co., Ltd. (now Mamezou Holdings Co., Ltd.) In 2003, he was appointed President of the company as well as Senior Partner of Progress Tax Accountant’s Corporation, both titles which he currently holds.
In 2006, Mr. Ogiwara was appointed to the Board of the Japan Personal Computer Software Association(JPSA: now CSAJ),later taking on the titles of CSAJ Executive Director, Vice-President, Executive Vice President, and in June 11, 2014, he was appointed Chairman of CSAJ.

The Computer Software Association of Japan (CSAJ) is a general incorporated association organization which has about 415 Software developers, publishers, system integrators, distributors, dealers and its related support service providers. The mainactivities are committees, exhibitions, market surveys, and collaboration with overseas associations.

CSAJ newly embraced the following three policies under the slogan, “Winning on the Global Stage” to better serve the broad spectrum of our member's needs.

1. Transforming ourselves as a “think tank”

CSAJ will strengthen our efforts to represent the views of our member companies, compile them into policy proposals and aggressively advocate their implementation and relevant tax reforms. At the same time, CSAJ will quickly gather information about government initiatives such as economic stimulus measures, grant and subsidy opportunities and provide the information to member companies. We will also study and analyze the marketability of member company software and promote the strategic use of state-of-the-art IT in respective industries.

2. Promoting global initiatives

Concentrating on expanding business opportunities abroad, we will increase the frequency of exchanges with overseas software associations and respective embassies in Japan. CSAJ will provide our members with timely information on the latest IT trends in hot spots, such as Silicon Valley. We will also assist and promote the strategic use of talent from ASEAN while simultaneously preparing Japanese IT specialists to take an active role in the global market.

3. Increasing business opportunities

As the overall economy shows moderate growth, CSAJ will strive to enhance business opportunities to collaborate and near-shoring, using business matching tools.We will also strengthen ties with economic organizations and IT industry groupsbusiness, placing special emphasis on supporting young business leaders, which, in turn, will nurture a favorable business environment for the entire industry.

CSAJ is dedicated to the further advancement of the computer software industry, taking on a role matching the needs of the times. I take this opportunity to ask for your continued support in CSAJ’s endeavors.