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CSAJ contributes to the development of PC software industry through several committee activities, such as presenting recommendations from member firms to the administrative organs.

General Administration Committee

The committee addresses CSAJ policies, business plan, overall issues concerning CSAJ activities, revisions to the association by-laws, and improvements to the CSAJ Secretariat by laws.

IT Policies Committee

The committee monitors national policies and IT industry trends, meeting when necessary to conduct activities, such as compiling policy proposals. A member of the Board is assigned to each activity, with the Board member playing a central role in deliberations and implementation.

Legal Protection and Intellectual Property Committee

The members are composed of corporate lawyers and patent attorneys for CSAJ member companies or CSAJ itself, as well as outside experts. The committee actively submits position papers to relevant government offices. At the same time, relevant government officials and experts are invited as lecturers to hold timely and instructive presentations for CSAJ members on legal and intellectual property issues.

Human Resources Committee

In view of national policy, the main theme of the committee is to create human resources required in any types of IT industry. The committee gathers information and exchanges opinions about the figures required in IT industry and training methods.

International Committee

With the cooperation of relevant organizations, the committee provides and exchanges various types of information towards the globalization of software industry in our country.

Technical Committee

The committee gathers information regarding technical trend in IT industry and discusses the methods of providing information to the engineers.

Security Committee

The committee discusses the method of countermeasures for BYOD and the settlement of security guidelines along with the working styles of member companies.

Business Expansion Committee

With the objective of the business expansion of CSAJ members, the committee plans and manages various study groups such as cloud business study group, business matching study group etc.

Business Relations Committee

In addition to providing management seminars and business exchange meetings, the committee discusses the improvement of presentation skills at the business alliance meetings and plans special presentations.